DEinternational - AHK service packages worldwide

With more than 130 offices in 90 countries, the international network of German Binational Chambers of Commerce (AHKs) covers approximately 99% of Germany’s foreign trade. These local establishments are valuable bridgeheads for German businesses seeking to access prime international markets.

From January 2006, the German Binational Chambers of Commerce has been bringing clients a new service concept:

The basic services provided by the Chambers will be standardised worldwide. AHKs are now looking beyond their individual locations and taking a broader regional approach. The world is becoming ever smaller, and borders are increasingly blurred – keeping pace with these developments, the AHKs bring people together in the global marketplace.

Overall, this brings clients, most particularly German SMEs, increased proximity to their markets, greater alignment with customers’ needs, transparency and access to the benefits of networks.

Comparable services

The portfolio of services provided by the German Binational Chambers of Commerce can be broadly subdivided into those requested and offered everywhere in the world (Basic Services: from address research activities to complex market entry support) and Specialty Services – those specially developed at individual centres. The Chambers provide preliminary information free of charge.


Basic Services

  • Market data
  • Market entry assistance
  • Address research
  •  Legal advice
  • Collection/mediation/arbitration
  • VAT Reclaims

Free services

  • Concrete foreign trade promotion

Specialty Services - the “Tailored Solutions“

  • Trade fairs
  • Translation/interpretation
  • Office-in-office
  • Local market analysis
  • HR management
  • Information on people and markets
  • Initial consultation
  • First port of call for everyone
  • ...