Internship at the German-Irish Chamber

The recruiting and application process

Your first step is to review this website to get a feel for who we are, the type of work we do, and our working environment. You should also visit the pages of the department you are interested in working for and the services they provide.

We offer internships within the following areas of activity

  • Marketing
  • Accounts/administration
  • Legal and tax advice / company registration
  • PR / event management / membership
  • Recruitment

Other requirements include

  • Advanced study in relevant areas of study
  • Previous practical experience
  • Good knowledge of the German language
  • Good knowledge of Word / Excel / Powerpoint (Photoshop, webdesign)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team 
  • Commercially and results focused 
  • Solution orientated
  • Interested in the work of consultancies
  • Interested in Ireland and Irish culture
  • Interested in the commercial relationship between Ireland and Germany 

Once you have reviewed the website, please send your CV and cover letter stating the preferred period of availability to:

The Interview Process

A member of the AHK may contact you to discuss your CV and cover letter. This may result in a first interview with a recruiter, who will want to discuss your experiences and interests at a high level. You will also have the opportunity to get additional information about the position and what it is like to work as part of the DEInternational Team. If you are selected to participate in the next stage of the process, you may have an additional interview with our recruiter and require a more in-depth discussion of your skills and experiences, as well as assessing your knowledge of the AHKOur recruiter will contact you to let you know your status in the recruiting process, as well as giving you detailed feedback on your interview and CV.

Minimum duration of an internship is 20 weeks to ensure that the candidate has a good overview of the work in a chamber of commerce.The intern will receive an allowance from the chamber and some individual applicants may be eligible for receipt of EU government grants (e.g. Leonardo-da-Vinci programme etc.). Please consult your individual colleges for further information.

Should you have any further questions on the interview or application process, please contact Nicole Jung


+353 1 64 24 390

Tips for submitting your cover letter and CV


  • PDF and Microsoft Word Documents are acceptable
  • Submit your application in English
  • Only send us essential personal information
  • Always get someone to review your CV and cover letter
  • Pay attention to detail, your CV and cover letter create a lasting impression on our team
  • Focus on communicating how you are the right person for the job

Educational Background

  • Show all post-secondary institutions attended, degrees conferred, and a cumulative grade point average for each year
  • Indicate all university level education and secondary level education – do not enter elementary education details  
  • Provide concise descriptions of project work relevant to a internship post in the AHK
  • Be sure to provide information regarding any year abroad programs you have taken part in

Work Experience

  • List your experience, projects, and achievements to date in your CV
  • List all your relevant former employers
  • Focus on what skills you have acquired from each of your positions
  • If you have worked during your time in university, be sure to mention this in your CV
  • Include all written references you may have from former employers

Extracurricular Activities

  • List any extracurricular activities that demonstrate good soft skills
  • Extracurricular activities not only demonstrate proactivity, but may also give us an indication about your personality and hence your suitability for a position in the AHK