a) Labour Law

Do you need an employment contract for your new employee? We can advise you in telling you about the minimum requirements of the contract, the reasonable period of notice and if there is a minimum wage. We would like to remind you that there are differences in the EU Directive in terms of the European labour law between Germany and Ireland about which we can inform you in detail.

b) Form of Contracts

You can obtain a bilingual agency agreement according to German Law that could build the basis for negotiation between you and your new business partner.  

c) Sales Representative Law

If you engage a sales representative you should find out in advance what law will apply to the contract. You have to consider that the EC Directive regarding the agency agreement has been fully implemented in Ireland but there hasn’t been a complete unification with the German Law. We will explain you the main differences between the German and the Irish sales representative law and we can tell you what period of notice will obtain and if the commercial agent will have a claim to compensation.