Work Permits

Citzens from Non EU States require a Visa when travelling to Ireland. More information on this can be obtained from your respective national consulate or Embassy.

Should an employer wish to employ a Non-EU citizen in Ireland, he/she must firstly show proof of search for potential employees from EU member state countries. If this search is unsuccessful, the position may be offered to a non EU citizen.

Before commencing employment in Ireland, employees from Non-EU States are required to posess a valid work permit, which is issued from the Department of Enterprise (Section: Trade and Employment). Work Visas are also necessary and these are supplied from your respective Embassy in conjunction with the the Department of Justice.

There is also the possibility of "Business Permissions".For this to occur, a mininum capital sum of €300,000 must be provided as well as an offer of employment for at least two EU citizens.

From 01.02.2007, the Employment Permits Acts 2006 introduced new legal  stipulations.

There are three new categories of work permits: Green Cards, work permits and intra company transfers.

The  'Van-der-Elst-Visum' provides another possibility for employees to work  in Ireland for a short period of time. This can be obtained from your respective consulates or embassies in your home country or in Ireland.

The DEInternational Offer

We would be delighted to inform and advise you on the new conditions for work permits. Furthermore we can provide you with assistance in dealing with official organizations and finding suitable contact people.