Energy Efficient Lighting is Worth the Switch

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Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Newlands Cross, Naas Road, Dublin 22

Over 85 delegates attended the conference in Louis Fitzgerald Hotel Dublin on Wednesday 2nd November 2011 and 38 Private Business Matchmaking meetings took place between 7 German companies in Irish workplaces from 3rd - 4th November 2011.


38 private business matchmaking meetings

 “This trade mission of German companies has sent out a clear message that Ireland is open for business”, says Ralf Lissek, Trade Commissioner for Germany in Ireland and CEO of the German-Irish Chamber. “The seven German companies were in Ireland looking for partners and clients because they see the potential in the Irish market. The response from Irish companies has been very positive: 38 meetings took place in Irish workplaces from 2nd – 4th November and first results already involve partnership agreements, test projects and substantial orders. The resulting partnerships will have a positive knock-on effect on business and job creation in Ireland.”


First Results of Meetings

  • 38 private meetings in Irish workplaces
  • Three German companies have had substantial partnership interest from most of the Irish companies that they met.
  • One German company has already got a substantial order from an Irish client.
  • Many of the German companies have already had offers of pilot projects/ first projects to test out partnership opportunities.
  • Two of the German companies are negotiating writing a joint offer for an Irish client.


Driving Business between Ireland and Germany
One of the main objectives of the conference and business matchmaking meetings is to drive business in the energy efficient lighting industry in Ireland.

Feel free to contact any of the below eight companies with a view to doing business with them. Please keep DEinternational Ireland in the loop about any developments in your activities.

Thank you!



Great Success

80% of the conference participants gave their overall satisfaction with the conference the highest possible rating (click here for all results of evaluation).  


Some Testimonials from Delegates

“Offered great insight into new products for energy efficient lighting”, Enda Flood, Environmental Efficiency Consultants

“Plenty of food for thought for future prospects”, Darragh Rogan, MacArdle McSweeney Associates

“Overall standard and content exceptional”, Name not provided


Energy Efficient Lighting is Worth the Switch

The potential for Irish businesses to make up to 70% energy savings by switching to energy efficient lighting was highlighted at the “Energy Efficient Lighting in Buildings and Public Spaces” conference on Wednesday 2nd November in the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin. The event, which attracted over 85 delegates from Ireland and Germany, was hosted by the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

According to Paul McKenna, a heating and lighting specialist in the McKeon Group and a speaker at Wednesday’s event, energy efficient lighting is a growth market in Ireland. “One of the reasons for this is that switching to energy efficient lighting can result in phenomenal reduction in energy costs at a relatively low investment and with low levels of building intrusion. He goes on to say “Sometimes the obvious solutions are not the most cost effective, but by proper scrutiny of your lighting system, a very accurate cost reduction can be calculated and we’ve seen return on investment in as little as 18 months.”

The event was a platform for 12 German and Irish lighting experts to share their expertise with an engaged audience. German companies presented innovative lighting technology, some of which have yet to hit the Irish market. One of the companies, eu-photon has developed an ultra-high efficiency LED light based on a patented lens. According to Monika Franzen representing eu-photon at Wednesday’s event, “it’s hard for most people to accept that just 1.4 watts of electricity can produce an intense light with an energy efficiency of 98%. And on top of this our lights don’t have the heat-producing issues typical to most LEDs. It’s the future - you can understand why the science behind it is a safely guarded secret!”

The installation process can also be as efficient as the lighting itself. Mr. Holger Rübsam, MD of Eurolum, a German manufacturer with “plug-in” lighting solutions, explains the type of results that their lighting can achieve: “One of our clients, a supermarket in Germany, needed a solution that wouldn’t see the supermarket having to close for renovation. We found the solution for them – in a 3-hour period on a Sunday, 6 of our staff retrofitted their entire old stock of 251 flourescent tube lights with Eurolom’s energy efficient alternatives. Their investment of €8,500 was recouped in energy savings by the end of one year.” He goes on, “It really is a no brainer! Once the maths is put in front of you it’s easy to see why so many companies are making the switch.”

This project, funded by the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative of the German Ministry of Economics and Technology, is designed to support the export activities of 7 German manufacturers and consultants in the area of energy efficient lighting. The Irish market was represented by over 85 companies, consultants and associations in the field of energy efficiency in Ireland, Government and local government representatives, installers, architects and engineers, public bodies and institutions, research bodies and other interest groups.


Presentations are now available to download:

Energy Efficiency Export Initiative - Results for Ireland, Aideen Keenan – DEinternational

Ireland Political Framework Conditions for Energy Efficiency in Germany, Riadh Bhar - Ecofys

ACA / Triple E programme, Madeline Hallinan - Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Energy efficiency innovative lighting systems in buildings – new methods for planning and evaluation, Martin Kusic – Mürlepartner Baumanagement GmbH

Retail Lighting & Energy Efficiency, BÄRO Ireland, Terry Byrne

Eurolum GmbH, Holger Rübsam

Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting – latest developments, Erwin Dolmans – Birch Caring Ventures BV

eu-photon GmbH, Monika Franzen

Committed to building the best sensors and sensor lights, Markus Hitz, Steinel GmbH

Energy Efficient Lighting in Buildings, Streets and outdoor Space – Competition for Efficiency Improvement and Saving Life Cycle Costs, Günther Volz – Volz Engineering Office

Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits - “Experiences in The Irish Market”, Paul McKenna –, a division of the McKeon Group

“Pay-As-You-Save“ Performance contracting, Lighting Contracting by Cleopus GmbH, Detlef Olschewski, Cleopus GmbH

New Light. - For Efficient Lighting - Modern and energy- efficient technologies for sustainable lighting, Christian Braatz – Trilux GmbH & Co. KG

Company Profiles

You can download one-page profiles of the below companies here, or see below for overview:



Short Description

Business opportunities in Ireland  



BÄRO GmbH & Co. KG supplies superior energy efficient retail lighting solutions for both food and non-food stores.

BARO`s exclusive representative in Ireland, BARO Ireland, is actively looking to grow their customer base in Ireland. Customers range from the specialised single shop to leading international retailers. They are looking for contact with Irish companies in the area of:

  • retail management
  • store construction
  • energy management
  • electrical design
  • architects and engineers specialised in energy-efficient lighting


a.p. microelectronic GmbH

a.p. microelectronic GmbH is a manufacturer and project developer in the field of lighting, measurement devices and  system engineering.

a.p. microelectronic has export partners worldwide and is now actively looking for business partners in Ireland. Suitable partners are:

·         Market-leading lighting manufacturers in Ireland

·         Architectural offices (responsible for public buildings, infrastructure, public transport)

·         Government representatives driving the field of green energy

·         Distributors with excellent contacts to the public sector as co-operation partners


Cleopus GmbH


Cleopus GmbH supplies indoor and outdoor light contracting to commercial users and public sector.

Cleopus GmbH is looking for business partners and clients in Ireland, and is open to joint venture and co-operation of all types. Suitable partners/ clients are:

  • Sales/ consultancy partners client base in commercial and public sectors
  • Companies with high lighting energy requirements
  • Public authorities interested in saving energy costs, e.g. in areas of street lighting
  • Facility management companies


eu-photon GmbH

eu-photon GmbH has developed a highly energy efficient

LED light, based on a patented lens technology which bundles and strengthens the light.

Based on the expected rapid growth in the area of street and industrial lighting, eu-photon GmbH is actively looking for business partners in Ireland. Suitable partners are:

  • Potential sales partners in Ireland
  • Large-scale warehouses and logistic centres, supermarkets with car parks, multi-storey car-park operators, road authorities
  • Architects, engineering companies, construction companies in the area of road construction


Eurolum GmbH

Eurolum GmbH is a manufacturer of energy-saving lighting

systems, including tubes and light-guiding reflectors to meet different requirement

Eurolum GmbH is actively looking for business partners in Ireland. Suitable partners are:

  • co-operation partners interested in distributing the Eurolom lighting systems in Ireland
  • public authorities interested in saving energy costs with low investment
  • companies interested in retrofitting their lighting systems and achieving a very short payback period



STEINEL GmbH is No.1 in Europe for sensor-driven indoor and outdoor lighting technology.

STEINEL GmbH has an exclusive partner in Ireland STEINEL Ireland/STC Socket Tool Co. Ltd. who are actively looking to expand their customer base to include:

  • Facility Managers who make decisions about energy efficient building retrofit in public buildings, schools, industrial plants, housing estates
  • Planning offices who are familiar with electrical installation (They could consider STEINEL’s products in the planning phase.)
  • Architectural offices for exterior lighting
  • Consultants in the field of energy savings


Trilux GmbH & Co. KG

Trilux GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting systems and components.

Trilux has independent sales companies and commercial partners located across the globe offering a comprehensive service, ranging from consultation and planning to after-sales support. Trilux is actively looking for business partners and clients in Ireland.


Volz Engineering Office

Volz Engineering Office provides consultancy and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, with a specialism in energy efficient lighting technology

Volz is actively looking for business partners in Ireland, and is open to joint venture and co-operation of all types. Suitable partners are:

  • Experts from industrial and commercial sectors in the field electrical engineering, construction and energy management
  • Public bodies in the field of structural/civil engineering, road construction and energy management
  • Local/regional energy utilities
  • Architects and urban planners
  • Property and Energy Managers
  • Electrical installation companies
  • Energy Agencies
  • research labs and university institutes in the field of lighting


Advantages of Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Switching to energy efficient lighting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce energy consumption and costs, as well as carbon emissions.

  • A switch to energy efficient lighting doesn’t require the same intrusive building work as other energy efficiency measures, e.g. installing insulation, fitting energy efficient windows etc.

  • Energy efficient lighting has one of the shortest payback periods of all energy efficient technology – usually between 1 and 2 years.

  • Existing technical improvements in indoor and outdoor lighting could lead to saving of 40% of the total energy for lighting, such as switching from incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or light emitting diodes (LEDs).

  • Due to the significant cost savings it can achieve, LED technology has become a standard feature in traffic signalling in many cities throughout Europe.

  • Lighting is a major source of electricity consumption: it is estimated that 18% of the world electricity demand is used for lighting.

  • It is estimated that the carbon dioxide produced by generating all of this electricity amounts to 70% of global emissions from passenger vehicles, and is three times more than emissions from aviation.


If you are interested in any more information about these German companies, or potential business opportunities in the area of energy efficient lighting, please contact Aideen Keenan @ aideen.keenan(at); tel: 00353-(0)1-6424330