German-Irish Partnerships Bloom with over 85 in attendance at Renewable Energy conference

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O'Reilly Hall, UCD, Dublin, Ireland

In a week that the Queen did her bit for Anglo-Irish relations, partnerships between German and Irish companies also bloomed at the “Heat and Power Generation with Renewable Energy” conference on Tuesday 17th May 2011 in O'Reilly Hall UCD attended by over 85 delegates.

12 German and Irish experts shared their expertise in the areas of bioenergy, CHP and heat pumps and over 65 meetings took place between the seven visiting German companies and potential Irish partners and clients. THe great news is that business has already been kick started on the back of this conference.

It’s clear from the conference that

  • the areas of Bioenergy and CHP are “sleeping giants” in Ireland
  • Ireland has major unexploited resource potential for bioenergy and especially anaerobic digestion. The fact that Ireland is the biggest beef exporter in the Northern Hemisphere and agriculture is one of the most dynamic element of the Irish economy indicates a great potential for Bioenergy and especially for anaerobic digestion in Ireland.
  • bioenergy will play a significant role in Ireland’s future energy mix and in reaching the governments renewable energy targets especially in the heat and transport sector but also for electricity generation. It will be an essential element to helping Ireland become energy independent.

Some testimonials from delegates:

  • “Met really relevant companies and got feedback on important renewable areas.”
  • “Top class networking and wonderful array of expertise and information. Highly recommended. I’ve learned a lot.”

...and from the German companies...

  • This event provided an excellent ratio of presentations, business meetings and insights into the Irish energy market. By way of the business meetings organised by you, we have received an extensive insight in the Irish energy market within a short period of time. We could not have done it faster or more intensively ourselves." Wendelin Knauss, HMS Bergbau AG, Mai 2011
  • „We were introduced to and had very fruitful discussions with two interesting planning offices. .. Our objective on this trip was to make as many new contacts as possible and to introduce our product portfolio.  We regard these as the first important steps to generating more business in Ireland in the future." Christoph Frey, Siemens Turbomachinery GmbH, Mai 2011

Presentations are now available to download:

Opening Adress and Renewable Energy Results for Ireland - Aideen Keenan, DEInternational Ireland

Renewable Energies in Germany at a glance - Dirk Kalusa, Eclareon

Bioenergy in Ireland - Tom Knitter, SEAI

Turn-Key Biogas plants -  Benjamin Budde, BWE Biogas Weser GmbH & Co. KG

liquid organic feedstock pumps, mixers and solids/liquids separators for anaerobic digestion plants - Thomas Kleindienst,Euro-P Kleindienst GmbH   

Industrial Steam Turbines - Christoph Frey,Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH

Heat from Biomass - State of Art and Best Practice Examples - Christian Letalik, Carmen e.V.

Biomass fuels transport and logistics - Wendelin Knauss, HMS Bergbau AG 

Heat Pumps specifically designed for Irish conditions -  Gerard Duffy, Ochsner Heat Pumps 

Efficient Energy Production with Cogeneration -  German Experience, Situation & Prospects - ADI Golbach, German Federal CHP Association

CHP with biogas - Gary Coleman, MTU Onsite Energy GmbH

Dual-fuel CHP units - Wolfgang Jörger, Schnell Motoren AG

Driving Business between Ireland and Germany
The main objective of this event and the business matchmaking meetings was to drive business in these renewable energy sectors in Ireland. Feel free to contact any of the below companies with a view to doing business with them. I would ask you to keep DEinternational Ireland in the loop about any developments in your activities. Thank you!

Click here to download one-page company profiles:


Renewable Technology

Who do they offer advantages to?

BWE Biogas Weser

Turn-key biogas plants

  • Planning and architectural offices (with experience in planning and licensing procedure for biogas plants in the agricultural sector or renewable energy)
  • Companies in the area of anaerobic digestion interested in biogas technologies
  • Bord Gais (biogas biomethanisation technology)

Enertec Kraftwerke GmbH

Highly efficient CHP units

  • Technical partners offering products and services who can act as official representatives of Enertec, with know-how in the engineering of energy technologies
  • Companies involved in the construction, operation or maintenance of biogas plants, sewage treatment plants and landfill equipment
  • Organisations (national and local agencies, commerce chambers, etc.)

Euro-P Kleindienst GhbH

Separators for Anaerobic Digestion Plants

  • Agricultural and communal companies operating in the field of biogas plants
  • Companies or clients in need of equipment for pumping/mixing or separation of biogas substrates/slurry.
  • Retailers active in the agricultural sector preferably with knowledge in extraction of liquids, pump and mixing technology
  • Trade partners with available assembly and service force in Ireland

HMS Bergbau AG

Biomass fuels transport and logistics

  • Operators of thermal power plants suitable for biomass combustion and/or co-firing;
  • End users or wholesalers/purchasers of premium and/or industrial grade wood  pellets, disposed to purchase in large quantities;
  • Biomass and other relevant commodity traders.

MTU Onsite Energy GmbH

(already have agent for Ireland)

CHP with biogas

  • Companies interested in a cooperation for the implementation of turnkey combined heat and power plants (CHP)
  • Clients in the field of Biogas CHP 
  • Local and regional authorities’ services in charge of sewage treatment plants, landfills, composting facilities, etc.

Ochsner Heat Pumps

(already have agent for Ireland)

Heat Pumps specifically designed for Irish conditions

  • Companies involved in mechanical heating solutions should consider the benefits Ochsner Ireland can offer their business.
  • Companies involved in the field of Renewable Energy Technologies for domestic or commercial buildings should carefully consider the advantage of becoming an Ochsner Ireland System Partner. 
  • Engineers and specifiers interested in Renewable heating solutions should consider the benefits Ochsner Ireland offer their business by becoming consultant partners without obligation.

Schnell Motoren AG

Dual-fuel CHP units

  • Companies currently dealing with the engineering, supply, installation and O&M of CHP systems
  • Companies offering turn-key solutions for biogas plants in the agricultural or organic waste management sector

Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH

Industrial Steam Turbines

  • interested in meeting local biomass CHP developers and consultants and companies that want to generate heat and power from renewables

Renewable Energy in Ireland 2011 - focus on Bioenergy, CHP and Heat Pumps

  • Renewable energy grew by an average of 15% per year between 2005 and 2009 in Ireland, and continues to be one of the most dynamic industries in Ireland despite the economic difficulties the country is experiencing.
  • The New Programme for Government 2011 intends to double funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Bioenergy is central to the national renewable energy strategy and is expected to be an essential contributor to the 16% renewable supply target for 2020.
  • Biomass usage grew by 7% in 2009, particularly for the provision of thermal energy in the residential sector (firewood, wood pellets) and business sector (wood pellet and wood chips). Forestry companies are developing their wood fuel supply and entering in partnership with Energy Service Companies to provide integrated renewable heat solutions.
  • Biomass/biogas combined heat and power plants have a large potential that has remains unexploited so far in Ireland.
  • Anaerobic Digestion for the production of biogas for combined heat and power (CHP) is very dynamic area that is generating a lot of interest. Incoming feed-in tariffs for AD CHP of €150/MWh (≤ 500 kWe) and €130/MWh (> 500 kWe) are attractive. 
  • Heat pump systems continue to be very popular in Ireland, mainly driven by the self-build market as well as the social housing sector.

DEinternational Ireland
DEinternational Ireland is the consultancy wing of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In the area of energy efficiency and renewables, we have brought together over 110 German companies with Irish partners resulting in the introduction of over €100 million worth of innovative renewables and energy efficiency technology into Ireland.

If you have any questions at all about this or other green tech events:

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