International Seminar hosted by German Irish Chamber, Shannon Chamber and Mazars

22.09.2016 | 08:30 AM
- 11:50 AM
Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Ennis Road, Limerick

Funding Growth and Expansion and, Internationalising your Business

Expanding beyond the domestic market is the goal of every sustainable indigenous company. Knowing which countries to target, funding such expansion, and the intricacies of operating to and within the new jurisdictions are the challenges that face both first-time and seasoned exporters. 

After the shock announcement that the UK will leave the Eu Irish business owners are asking what the effect of this vote will be and what they can do to benefit from this change. the dust still hasn't fully settled from the vote although the immediate effect on Euro Sterling was an 8.5% rise in 12 hours. Some businesses hedged against this move and some didn't, Irish exporters will find their sales under pressure from the lower Pound while importers have a bump up as their Euros buy more goods. Should you panic, ignore it or be alive to the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead?



Ronan Harbison, Commercial Director, German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Mairéad Divilly, International Outsourcing and Compliance Partner, Mazars 

Gerry Vahey, Tax Partner, Mazars

John Bowe, Managing Director at Mazars Corporate Finance, Mazars

Trevor Charsley, FX Risk Management Solutions, AFEX 

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