Ireland’s Smart Grid: Opportunities for German-Irish Co-Operation

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06.05.2014 | 01:30 PM
09.05.2014 - 01:30 PM
Conference: DoubleTree Hotel (old Burlington hotel); Meetings: in Irish workplaces nationwide

The conference “Smart Grid: Opportunities for German-Irish Co-Operation” on Tuesday 6th May 2014 brought together Irish and German expertise in the area of Smart Grid and was attended by over 50 delegates. In addition, the visiting trade mission of seven German companies held meetings over the course of the week to explore co-operation with Irish companies nationwide. Many concrete business opportunities were explored on both sides - German and Irish - including demonstration projects, partnership opportunities and R&D collaboration.

Overall the results of the whole project (conference and trade mission) were very positive:

  • The conference was positively received overall. The diverse range of speakers and expertise was highlighted as a particularly interesting feature.
  • Approximately 35 individual meetings took place over the course of the week between the visiting trade mission of seven German companies and Irish companies nationwide.
  • Many concrete business opportunities were explored on both sides - German and Irish - including demonstration projects, partnership opportunities and R&D collaboration.

Some points to note from the smart grid conference:

  • The Irish TSO, Eirgrid, made the German companies aware of their willingness to trial new technologies on the Irish & NI Power System in the area of smart grid including systems for demand side management; system operation – e.g. advanced voltage control; dynamic line rating; system services – e.g. reserve provision and transmission technology types.
  • Future areas of investment for ESB Networks include systems to protect low voltage assets, North Atlantic Green Zone project, tools and methods to support DSO functions, 4G and fibre-optic communication networks and data opportunities presented by increased network visibility and the smart meter roll-out.
  • ESB Networks stressed the importance of strategic Research, Demonstration and Development, including with international partners, in helping to deliver the most efficient future network for Ireland.
  • Visiting German smart grid companies were especially interested by the unique North Atlantic Green Zone project across Ireland and Northern Ireland which will open up opportunities for innovative and pioneering smart grid technology.
  • Ireland is undertaking pioneering all-island work in the area of smart grid and involving public-private co-operation.
  • In Germany, the expansion of renewable energies in general and wind energy in particular is leading to a regional shift in terms of supply capacity towards Northern Germany, which will be further intensified through planned offshore wind parks.
  • InnoZ presented their innovative micro smart grid at the EUREF-Campus where among many other things they are trialling vehicle-to-grid concepts. They have worked out that on average, a private car stands still for 23 hours a day, which for Ireland’s approximately 2 million cars would mean a bulk energy storage capacity of about 300 MW!
  • Frecqon introduced their battery storage systems with advanced power converters which are the ideal solution to stabilise power networks with high renewable penetration – they are already involved in projects in Ireland
  • Bilfinger Mauell showcased a project in which they avoided large investments in new power lines for a power in Frankfurt by instead providing solutions for intelligent grid protection
  • IS Predict showed how their highly accurate predictive data analysis can be used to increase efficiencies across all sectors from e-cars and fluctuating renewables, to gas, water and engineering.
  • Next Kraftwerke presented how they have interconnected several hundred decentralised power generating units to enable 100% power supply by renewables, i.e. a virtual power plant in Germany, and would like to investigate doing the same in Ireland.
  • Greenpack showcased a potential solution for demand-side management: an innovative Kick Trike which runs off a portable chargeable battery which can store green energy e.g. from solar panels; the battery is flexible enough to be used in all sorts of other devices.
  • Devolo showed how its powerline communication technology can be used to control everything in the home from the heating system to the refrigerator.
  • Goerlitz showed how their metering technology can be utilised to save utilities a lot of money, e.g. in Denmark they helped a major utility to reach a return on investment 2.5 years earlier than expected. 

Some testimonials from delegates…

  •  "Very Informative.” Jim McGuiness, ESTA Manufacturing& Sales Ltd.
  • "Made me aware of a range of new and current technologies in relation to the smart grid. Excellent range of speakers.” Brian Campbell, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  • "Very good insight into R&D opportunities in smart grid. Very good conference.” Willie Lawton, Tyndall National Institute
  • “Met my targeted companies, and other interesting contacts.” James Ennis, Tictoc Platforms


Presentations are now available online:  



This conference and trade mission was organised by DEinternational Ireland in the framework of the Export Initiative of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


 More information about the conference and trade mission companies is available below:




Ireland’s Smart Grid: Opportunities for German-Irish Co-Operation
Tuesday 6th May, 10.00 – 17.00:
bringing together German and Irish smart grid expertise
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dublin - Burlington Road, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin
Draft programme available here

Wed 7th – Fri 9th May: Trade Mission of German companies offering innovative smart grid technology and solutions will travel to Irish workplaces nationwide to explore co-operation opportunities in the three days following the conference




Trade Mission

Also as part of this event, a trade mission of German companies offering innovative smart grid technology and solutions will travel to Irish workplaces to explore co-operation opportunities in the three days following the conference (7th – 9th May). The below table gives a short overview of the companies. A more detailed one-page profile of each of the companies is available by clicking on the company name in the below table, or click here for a file containing a one-page profile of all companies:



Short Description

Interested in Co-operation with Irish Organisations

Website (in English if available)

Bilfinger Mauell GmbH

Bilfinger Mauell is active in the area of power station and process control technology, automation systems for power distribution in electricity transmission grids, as well as the design and furnishing of control rooms with state-of-the-art visualisation systems.

Potential distributors of their products

Switchgear manufacturers

The Irish DSO andTSO

Planners and designers of networks and plants

devolo AG

Worldwide market leader for Powerline communication solutions. Core product is dLAN® (direct Local Area Network), the technology for simple, fast and secure data communication over the power line

Distribution network operator and its contractors, e.g. system integrators

Metering point operators

Other consultants for concept development and implementation

Freqcon GmbH

Research and development in areas of energy storage, multi-level inverter, silicon carbide technology as well as high-voltage direct current transmission.

Development and distribution of renewable energy systems and electric equipment


Ditributors in the area of electrical engineering, in particular for transformers

Electrical engineers dealing in grid integration

Companies offering smart grid services

Renewable Energy project developers

Energy Research Institutes

Görlitz AG

Provision of tailored solutions for all energy market players from grid operator and meter operator to retailer or one of the other market partners, to assist in daily operations; end-to-end solutions that support the complete process chain

• TSO and DSO
• Energy suppliers
• Industrial and end customers
• Software developers (co-operation considered in certain circumstances)

GreenPack GmbH

GreenPack GmbH is a young start-up company. The GreenPack System is the idea to store green energy in handy-sized GreenPack-battery-modules and use them in households or electro-light-vehicles or in other devices


Network operators

Project developers


IS Predict GmbH

Innovative company providing predictive analytics software for the improvement of energy efficiency across all sectors from energy to manufacturing

Potential Irish distribution partners


Energy suppliers

Energy management system providers

Manufacturing companies of all kinds, including wind park manufacturers

Next Kraftwerke GmbH

Operator of a large-scale virtual power plant (VPP) and a certified power trader on the EPEX energy exchange’s spot market.


How do you want to get engaged?

Be a Conference Delegate:

  • Attend this free conference to gain insight into opportunities in the area of Smart Grid
  • Network with German and Irish experts
  • Increase your know-how about this complex area

Explore concrete business and partnership opportunities with German companies:

  • See above link to register your interest to meet with the companies of your choice in your workplace – they will come to you


Testimonials from our last Smart Grid event, a study tour to Germany:

“It is obvious from what I’ve seen on this tour that German technology and solutions in the area of smart grid are very advanced and flexible. And the benefit of these site visits above traditional presentation sessions is in the practical nature of being able to view technologies in use, as well as a greater level of interaction with the German experts, which is much more inspiring and informative. I certainly won’t forget the great experiences and lessons from this tour any time soon.” Tony Carroll, CEO of Smart Grid Ireland, Smart Grid Study Tour, October 2013

“It was fascinating to see the tests that are being carried out, including energy storage, tap-changing at low voltage and the integration of such a huge volume of renewables. This is all possible in Ireland, but is just not being done yet.” John Byrne, Smart Grid Manager, ESB Networks, Smart Grid Study Tour, October 2013

"This is cross-country co-operation at its best - particularly in such a complex topic area as smart grid. For me, one of the main benefits of a tour like this is the opportunity for know-how sharing, debate and discussion, arising out of combining the German results with those of Ireland’s own pilot projects, for example in the area of smart meters and electric cars.” Keith Sunderland, Head of Department, Dublin Institute of Technology, Smart Grid Study Tour, October 2013


Smart Grid in Ireland

Ireland’s electricity network is globally recognised as modern and robust. One of the main reasons for this is necessity - as a result of being a small, relatively isolated grid it has to be robust to survive. The development of Ireland’s smart grid is well underway: it is being upgraded to enable optimum penetration and integration of renewable energy sources, as well as to ensure optimum control and active management of the grid.

The desire to improve energy efficiency, to move to renewable generation and to improve the experience of energy customers is driving the development and adaption of smart metering, smart grids and new technologies across Europe. In Ireland, the grid’s development is driven by necessity: high penetrations of distributed generation in particular wind, the reliance of its modern economy on the quality and security of electricity infrastructure and the demands of integrating new technologies including an electrified transport system are all driving change. In addition, climate change, energy security and competitiveness are inter-related challenges that need to be addressed by transforming Ireland's economy from one of predominantly import-based, fossil fuel dependence to a more indigenous, low m economy based around energy efficiency, renewable energy, the green economy and smart networks.

Some of the other main drivers of smart grid development in Ireland come from the goals that Ireland has set by way of its commitment to EU targets, its national targets, the public policy and strategies set out by the Distribution System Operator, ESB Networks, and Transmission System Operator (EirGrid):

  • Over 2.3 million smart meters will be installed in Irish homes and businesses by 2027, with a gateway giving instant energy use.
  • Average energy consumption by Irish consumers to be reduced by 2.5% by using smart meters and real-time information
  • Increase network security and energy efficiency
  • 40% of electrical energy to be delivered from renewable resources – mostly wind - by 2020 (more than any other country in the EU)
  • Ireland has set a target to increase the amount of renewables allowed on the grid at any point in time from 50% to 75%
  • 10% of all domestic transport to be fuelled by electricity by 2020
  • Every electricity customer will play a role in load management
  • Near-zero carbon policy in Ireland by 2050

Huge investment is clearly necessary to "smarten" the grid with Pike Research estimating that €56 billion will be spent on grid-related developments and initiatives within the EU by 2020.The delivery of Ireland’s ambitious smart grid goals will require very sophisticated equipment and know-how, which opens up opportunities to companies who can meet the gaps in technology, expertise and R&D. Irish companies and organisations, including the TSO and DSO, are very open to collaborate with international partners, in particular German companies, in defining and delivering networks of the future in Ireland.


Irish Audience

This event will be of interest to the following Irish target audience: 

  • Distribution System and Transmission System Operators
  • Energy Regulator
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Atomisation and control systems companies
  • Smart meter companies
  • Distributors of other intelligent devices
  • Software developers for smart devices
  • Electrical engineers
  • Energy management companies and energy consultancies
  • Government decision-makers in area of energy
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Energy Agencies
  • Associations and membership organisations in area of energy
  • Media




  • More event information? All event information and updates will be available on our website over the coming weeks.
  • Conference Programme? The draft conference programme is available here: German and Irish Smart Grid experts will present, including the seven German companies on the trade mission. 
  • German company information? A list of the German companies seeking business opportunities in Ireland can be found in the above table. Profiles of the 8 German companies available for private meetings will be available on the website by the latest 1st April. If you have any questions at all about the companies, please contact
  • Cost? This event is free of charge and funded by the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. Lunch and refreshments will be supplied to registered delegates.
  • Accommodation? We can offer room rates for conference delegates in DoubleTree Hotel of €115 B&B for single or double occupancy between 5th and 9th May. Please book directly with the hotel and mention the event: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dublin - Burlington Road, Upper Leeson Street,  Dublin,  4. TEL: 353-1-6185600 FAX: 353-1-6185693
  • Presentations? delegates will receive a conference pack with a conference booklet and memory stick containing the presentations. Conference presentations will also be uploaded onto the website as soon as possible after the conference.


Energy Efficiency Export Initiative 

This event, a conference and trade mission, is organised by the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and funded in the framework of the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

DEinternational Ireland has run over 30 Green Tech events in the framework of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Export Initiatives since 2003, aimed at creating German-Irish partnerships across industries in the energy sector.





Selected testimonials from our Green Tech events include:

 “This event gets the ‘Most Successful Investment of the Year’ award from our business’ point of view.” Detlef Olschewski, Cleopus GmbH, Energy Efficient Lighting conference and trade mission, Nov 2011

“Great networking, no 'hard sell' approach, knowledge and product based speakers." Brian Sweeney, Evolved Energy Solutions Ltd, Heat and Power Generation with Renewable Energy conference and trade mission, May 2011

“This event provided an excellent ratio of presentations, business meetings and insights into the Irish energy market. By way of the business meetings organised by you, we have received an extensive insight in the Irish energy market within a short period of time. We could not have done it faster or more intensively ourselves." Wendelin Knauss, HMS Bergbau AG, Heat and Power Generation with Renewable Energy conference and trade mission, May 2011

“Chartered engineers should always take their lead from best international practice in their field. Germany is the acknowledged leader in the field of energy efficiency technology….I was very grateful for the opportunity to connect with some of the leading experts and suppliers working in the area of energy efficient building.” Ronan Healy, chartered engineer, Fore Enterprises Ltd, Co. Westmeath, training course "Energy Efficient Retrofitting of Buildings" in Ireland and Germany, April 2009


DEinternational Ireland

DEinternational Ireland is the consultancy wing of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
If you would like to get involved or get more information, please contact Aideen Keenan, Head of Marketing, DEinternational Ireland, Email: aideen.keenan(at); tel: 00353-(0)1 6424330