8. IHK Day of Foreign Trade in NRW


North Rhine-Westphalia’s (NRW) biggest foreign trade event is taking place for the 8th time: The 8th IHK Day of Foreign Trade NRW will be conducted by the IHK Cologne in conjunction with the North Rhine-Westphalian IHK’s on the 11th September 2014. The event is addresses especially companies based in NRW which are or plan to get involved in international business.

Entrepreneurial expectation meets foreign reality

With more than 800 participants is the IHK Day of Foreign Trade the biggest event of its kind in Germany. In 2014 the event - taking place every two years - will be hosted by the city of Cologne. On the 11th September experts and guests will meet there to discuss and attend a diverse programme based on the motto: “WIR UNTERNEHMEN WELTWEIT”. More than 50 delegates of the German Foreign Chamber network (AHKs) will be present and available for individual talks.

Furthermore renowned entrepreneurs will examine in nine workshops and a panel discussion current topics in relation to international business.

The AHK Ireland will be represented by Ms. Nicole Jung at this event in Cologne.. If you are interested in getting in touch with her and to engage in conversation regarding the Irish economy do not hesitate to contact her on the 11th September 2014 or before the event per telephone at: + 353 (0) 1 64 24 350 or e-mail: nicole.jung(at)german-irish.ie. Please find more information regarding the event on the official page of the host.