Budget 2013


Spending cuts and tax hikes worth €3.5bn were announced in the Irish Budget for 2013.

“The measures outlined in the Irish Budget for 2013 will be a decisive factor in helping the Irish economy to recover and get back on track. The cuts in state spending and tax increases were unavoidable. However it is important that the Irish government reduces tax levels again once the state's budget allows for this and continues to create a favourable environment for business and to generate employment especially for young people.” (Ralf Zimmermann, President of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

More information on the Budget 2013 can be found on the website of our member and patron Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon (http://bakertillyrg.ie/services/taxation/budget_2013/) and in this article of John Lowe FIB., Dip IoD.