European Chamber Fiscal Stability Treaty Event 2012


Over 200 participants attended the European Chamber of Ireland’s Business Lunch at the Gresham Hotel on 22nd May 2012.








The keynote speakers included Minister for European Affairs, Ms Lucinda Creighton T.D. who stressed the importance of the Fiscal Stability Treaty from the Irish Government’s point of view, and Mr Jack Golden, from CRH, who discussed the Treaty and referendum from a more corporate perspective. Also in attendance at the event were 14 Ambassadors from Europe, representatives of the 19 bilateral chambers of commerce operating in Ireland, business leaders from Ireland and business leaders from European businesses operating in Ireland.

The event was opened by Jack Golden, who introduced the Minister for European Affairs Ms Lucinda Creighton TD. Minister Creighton’s speech promoting a yes vote was warmly received by the audience, and she engaged extensively in a spontaneous questions and answers session afterwards. Mr Golden mentioned the scale of the Irish- European context and how "60% of everything this island produces is sold to trading partners within the EU’s single market. A vibrant, efficient and stable European market is vital for all of us whose livelihoods depend, one way or another on this trade,” On behalf of the European Chamber of Commerce, Mr Golden thanked Minister Creighton and presented her with a gift.



The business lunch continued into the early afternoon and afforded a productive Irish-European networking opportunity to the 200 representatives and staff from the European Irish business world.

The event marked a further large-scale collaboration on the part of 19 bilateral trade organisations representing the European Chamber of Ireland. The European Chamber of Ireland was established in 2009 with the goal of giving a stronger voice to European trade and business topics.

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