German-Irish Chamber President: Three vital measures for economic recovery


Focus on Green Technologies / Improve competiveness and brand “Ireland” to be promoted globally / New training schemes to improve skill base


New President of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Helmut Clissmann has outlined three vital measures to ensure recovery of the Irish economy. Speaking at yesterday’s AGM of the Chamber at the Old Jameson Distillery, the Director of the Board of Sika Ireland emphasised these points on behalf of the German-Irish business community in Ireland.


“A clear focus needs to be placed on future-oriented sectors, not only life sciences or IT but also Green Technologies which will create a new and promising industry sector with huge upcoming demand worldwide. Ireland has the capability to be one of the main global players in this area.”


“Secondly, Irish competitiveness needs to be addressed. Costs for businesses have to be reduced in order for them to sell their products and services successfully in the global marketplace as well as in the home market. Also, the brand “Ireland” itself needs to be promoted globally as it has taken a major blow abroad with extensive negative international news coverage over the past few months. This has been underestimated by the government.”


“The training of the Irish workforce is another vital issue which needs to be addressed urgently. This refers especially to vocational training where we should benchmark with other countries to draw on their positive experiences in order to improve our skill base.”


Commenting on Helmut Clissmann’s proposals, German-Irish Chamber CEO Ralf Lissek pointed out that the Chamber’s projects in 2010 will support these points.


“We will organise five big projects in the Greentec sector on topics ranging from Heating with Renewable Energy to Energy Efficiency in Production Processes. Also, at the end of February and in March we will roll out a Road Show in the German cities of Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart to improve Ireland’s image within the German business community. Furthermore, a vocational training benchmarking scheme with Germany is due to start in the coming weeks.”