Great results of German-Irish Digital Innovation Summit and Trade Mission

05.10.2015 AHK Irland - News-Hauptkategorie

Eight German participants of the software and online gaming trade mission from Germany from 7th to 11th September were interviewed following the German-Irish Digital Innovation Summit.

The results can be seen here. 

It began with the German-Irish Digital Innovation Summit in the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin on 8th September 2015, which brought together more than 55 Irish and German experts from the field of software development and online gaming. This day-long event provided a marketing platform for the delegation of eight German participants, who came from a diverse range of sectors, such as online or mobile gaming, educational games, serious games, Interactive storytelling, as well as software tools for e-commerce, HR management and energy efficiency sector. The event included demonstrations of software products and solutions, including semantic language software for online stores, fully integrated software solution for the HR process management, innovative award-winning games and examples of the use of gaming technology and processes for non-gaming sectors. Interactive panel discussions gave the Irish audience the opportunity to discuss the topics of gaming, gamification, e-commerce and promotion and investment with German and Irish experts. The Irish delegates spanned many different industries, such as Universities, research institutions, game development, animation studios, publishers and online shops or platforms. 

Over the course of the rest of the week, the German companies travelled to Irish workplaces to explore co-operation opportunities with potential partners and clients. More than 60 individual business meetings took place during the entire week, resulting in new German-Irish business relationships, the exchange of important know how and the sourcing of partners for projects such as Horizon 2020 and Dublin 2020. Already five concrete projects are in the fields of Fintech, 'Behavioural Change' applications and e-commerce software tools. 

“As a three year old German start up in the area of e-commerce, this is our first venture into an export market and it was really positive. We are currently working on great projects with big German companies, but the decision-making period can take a lot of time. Irish companies are smaller which means they are more accessible, more flexible and willing to try things out. We had some great meetings - in particular we met three Irish e-commerce companies that are really interested in our services. We have set up follow up meetings and will prepare a demo to show to them when we are back in Dublin for the Web Summit in early November”, explained David Urbansky, CEO of Semknox GmbH, one of the participants of the project. 

In addition, a 74-page German-language market study on the online gaming and software development market in Ireland was produced by the German-Irish Chamber. Many Irish experts were interviewed and provided their input to this market study. 

The German participants also took part in a tailored evening programme for the week, which included a welcome by the German-Irish Chamber of Commerce on Monday evening, a visit to the networking event Dubludo on Wednesday evening, a visit to the Irish research centre - LERO-  on Thursday morning and participation in the Games Ireland Gathering 2015 (GIG2015) on Thursday evening. Many of the German participants used these events to consolidate their initial contacts and network in Ireland. During the visit to GIG2015, one of the German companies, a manufacturer and developer of human resource management software, established first contact to a potential business partner in a US company. Another German participant, an independent game developer and producer, discussed a potential cooperation with a software company in the field of financial services.

This trade mission was funded by the Market Development Programme of the German Ministry for Economics and Energy, with the aim of facilitating German companies in the field of software and online gaming - including small and medium-sized enterprises, people self-employed in the area of trade and industry, as well as professional services and industry-related service providers - to enter the Irish market.