Last chance for a refund of VAT


We wanted to take the opportunity to remind you that the deadline for applying for a refund of VAT paid in other European countries during 2013 is September 30th 2014.



Some examples of VAT expenditure which can be claimed back in most other European countries include for example expenses on car hire, meals, fuel and transport.

Although most Irish companies are entitled to claim back foreign VAT, many don’t avail of this opportunity to recover costs. DEinternational Ireland, with more than 30 years of experience and an office network throughout Europe, offers to handle the complete VAT refund application process for you. 

Your advantages:

  • Save time as we do all the administrative work and deal with the Irish and foreign Revenue offices.
  • Success fee basis - you will incur no costs, unless we claim back VAT for you.
  • Claim back your full entitlement - to the last cent.

    Our professional team will conduct the process through all the various stages involved in reclaiming your foreign VAT from start to finish.