Renewable Energies: German Industry investing increasingly in Ireland

04.04.2016 AHK Irland - News-Hauptkategorie

The German renewable energy sector continues to grow and is increasingly relocating its activities abroad – particularly to Scandinavia, Ireland and France, according to a recently published survey by HSH Nordbank. In addition to this the new Irish White Paper on Energy promotes capital expenditure in the renewable energy sector. The German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce is very active in this field and offers Irish companies the chance to increase their business through partnering with innovative German companies.

Despite the existing tendering procedure in 2017, the German renewable energy industry is optimistic about the future prospects of renewable energy and sees opportunities abroad, especially in EU countries. This is confirmed by the result of the market survey “Renewable Energies 2016” by HSH Nordbank, in which 80 businesses from the renewable energy sector were polled. After recording a positive balance 2015, the companies expect further sales-revenue growth for the current fiscal year.

“The expected growth in sales-revenue is based on early capital investments in Germany and increasing business activities in foreign countries”, states Lars Quandel, Head of Energy and Utilities at HSH Nordbank. Although for almost all of the respondents, the German onshore market remains interesting for investment, on account of the future challenges posed by the new tendering procedure the interest in projects in other European countries grows. For this reason, two thirds of the companies surveyed want to enhance their performance abroad. “Being one of the top 3 investors in renewable energy projects in Europe, we already supervise many international projects – with a current focus on Scandinavia, Ireland and France.”

The survey underlines the importance of European teamwork in promoting the expansion of renewable energies. The Irish White Paper on Energy, which sets guideline targets for the development of new energy sources until 2030, continues to focus on onshore wind power in order to promote the “Energiewende.” A feed in tariff for solar energy is being considered as well as continuing the feed-in tariff for onshore wind, waste-to-energy and waste-to-heat. On top of this, the White Paper requires financial supports for self-sufficient local micro-grids. This implies that micro-grids and micro-generators will play a huge part in Ireland’s future energy supply.

Trade Mission: Small-Scale Wind and Micro-grids

The German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce has acknowledged the trend of renewable energies and is organising a Trade Mission in the area of small-scale wind and micro-grids, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy. The trade mission will take place from 21st of June until the 24th of June 2016 for German and Irish companies. The trip will be especially interesting for Irish Companies that have specialised in small wind technology, hybrid systems storage technology and local micro grids. For further information and registration details, you can click here:

Further information on the survey of HSH Nordbank can be found here:


Update: German supplier Nordex scores with turbine contracts in Ireland

The German wind energy turbine manufacturer Nordex has received two significant orders for constructing wind farms in Cork and Kerry. Both projects will start in summer 2017 and have a term of 15 years. Together they will deliver 17 turbines with a performance capacity of 42,5 megawatts of power.