SAP Ireland - a case study

DEinternational, the service wing of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, offers a complete Recruitment Service which ranges from advertising your
positions in Germany and Ireland, screening candidates and testing their oral language skills to sending only screened candidates on for a review. Additionally, we also offer
services out-of-band to our patrons, members and any interested business partner, such as multinational player SAP Ireland.

The global software company SAP Ireland Ltd. is based in the South-West of Ireland with offices also in Dublin. Having their European Headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, the holding SAP SE is market leader in enterprise applications and software and maintains locations in more than 130 countries.

The company contacted the Recruitment Department of the German-Irish Chamber as they needed to find 5-10 Irish secondary school students with proficiency in German who will graduate in 2015.

SAP Ireland would like to adapt the German dual vocational training and establish it in Ireland successfully. The training addresses Irish German-speaking students who are interested in the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

The vocational training program allows students to combine theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time: they work at SAP offices in Germany and Ireland while doing their Bachelor’s degree in Business Information and Technology at the partner institution “Duale Hochschule Baden- Württemberg” in Germany.

The respective students work in Ireland for three months in order to gain practical experience and then return to Germany for their studies for the following three months. During the holidays they are able to work in the company in Ireland. The German state covers the college fees and SAP Ireland pays an annual compensation of €22,000 including two return flights between Ireland and Germany as well as accommodation.

Liam Ryan, the CEO of SAP Ireland is willing to invest this amount of money due to the fact that the overall objective of this project is to take over those students after their Bachelor’s graduation – but of course, there is no guarantee for the students.

We as the Chamber’s Recruitment Department started our work by getting in touch with schools in Ireland that are teaching German and with their respective German and career teachers. This is due to the fact that this particular program is aiming for students that have a solidary foundation in German. We provided them with information about the programme SAP Ireland was offering and answered all questions regarding the application progress. Acting as the man in the middle, we were the day-today contact for teachers and students and responded to questions of each party. Interested schools were also offered meetings with SAP representatives to present interested students, teachers and parents the project. The Chamber has been supporting the overall application process that ends end of June 2015.