German-Irish Pre-Web Summit Gathering for German start-ups to conquer the Irish tech market

03.11.15 Markteintritt

Dublin, Ireland, November 3, 2015 - Today Europe’s largest technology conference, the so-called Web Summit, with more than 30,000 attendees has opened its doors. The German-Irish Chamber is involved in this important event and was hosting a German-Irish Pre-Web Summit Gathering at the Dublin’s Liquor Rooms yesterday night, just before the official Night Summit Opening Party kicked off at Fade Street.The Launch Party provided the visiting 130 German start-ups the opportunity to network with Irish tech companies. The German-Irish Chamber was hosting the get-together to foster relationships and collaborations between German and Irish operators in the technology sector.

Quotes by some German and Irish start-up entrepreneurs:

  • Christoph Speckmann, Co-Founder & CMO of 4scotty GmbH says: “Companies compete for developers - We want to share our vision at the WebSummit and get in touch with like-minded people, who would like to change the world by creating disruptive products. We bring companies and developers from all over the world together. On 4scotty you find the right programmers, data scientists and UX/UI designers for your team. You can directly get in touch by making a transparent job offer and invite them for an interview. Our transparency promise helps you to get in touch with developers you won't find on established platforms."
  • Dr. Frank Stummer of Rhebo AG says: “After some successful start-up developments, we are attending for the first time the Web Summit and are excited to look for venture funding for our new enterprises. The summit seems to have become very promising to German companies."
  • Dr. Nicolas Schauer, CEO of METABOLOMIC DISCOVERIES GmbH says: “We are looking forward to the WebSummit. This is an exciting opportunity to meet investors and to exchange ideas and concepts within the digital startup world."
  • Christian Strunz, founder of, a classifieds marketplace for Apple devices which currently operates within Germany, Austria and Switzerland and plans an international roll-out shortly, says: “We are looking forward to meet other entrepreneurs from around the world. The Web Summit is a great opportunity to connect with investors, corporates and start-ups. As a young start-up which plans its international roll-out, it is a great platform to chat with international and experienced people.”
  • Ralf Luettgens, CFO of ZEROGREY says: “Kooomo collaborative international eCommerce platform is the perfect SaaS to geo-localize your brand all over the world by taking advantage of integrated or new partners. Use Kooomo's multi- and omnichannel solutions for your international strategy. Visit us at B220 on Wednesday, 4th November, to find out more about becoming a Partner or a Client.”

Some of the German and Irish start-ups attending the German Irish Pre-Gathering were:

  • Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors and ensures the continuous, correct, and predictable operation of real-time Industrial Control Systems. Rhebo was founded in 2014 by a team of seasoned IT security experts to revolutionize operational security in Industrial Control Systems using deep packet inspection and machine learning technology.
  • Vizzlo creates individual business graphics. Whether for presentations or the Web - with Vizzlo anybody can visualize their ideas in seconds! Vizzlo is their third venture. After two successful exits, Vizzlo addresses one thing that always generated a lot of pain in previous jobs - the endless time spent on making graphics for business presentations. Vizzlo was incorporated in Sept. 2015.
  • Kenkodo -a product of Metabolomic Discoveries- is the first personalized metabolism analysis that combines personal lifestyle and body tracking data with cutting-edge blood analytics. We measure more than a 1000 compounds in a single drop of blood at once! Kenkodo empowers people to positively influence and predict their well-being and health.
  •, a classifieds marketplace for Apple devices which currently operates within Germany, Austria and Switzerland and plans an international roll-out shortly.
  • Kooomo collaborative international eCommerce platform has been built for let companies start their own ecommerce projects, or improve their current ecommerce platform in order to get the best results in this innovative environment, with integration of omnichannel solutions, and with the flexible approach that is in accordance with each brand’s needs. The philosophy of the company is best depicted in their partnership program. This innovative plugin in the platform allows clients to see all the partners involved in Kooomo’s network, and also allows new partners to start cooperation with numerous Kooomo’s clients.


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