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From 21 to 24 October 2019, as part of the AHK business trip to Ireland, take the opportunity to present your innovative products and services for wind energy generation to potential Irish and German business partners and representatives from business, politics and associations.

Conference & trade mission - Wind Energy Onshore/Offshore incl. Maintenance


Wind energy is the largest contributor to renewable energy in Ireland and is supported by 84% of Irish society. Thanks to its geographical location and the harsh winds, Ireland offers optimal conditions for the production of offshore and onshore wind energy. There are already more than 350 wind farms in Ireland and Northern Ireland with a total capacity of 4,976MW. This corresponds to 85% of renewable energy.

By 2030, 70% of Ireland's electricity needs are to come from renewable energy sources. Wind is the driving factor. Offshore wind power in particular should play a decisive role in this: so far almost no electricity has been generated off the coast - by 2050 it should be 30 GW. Onshore wind power capacity is also to be doubled by then.

Market opportunities for German companies

The technology for wind turbines must be imported from Ireland as there are no direct manufacturers in the country. In addition, a direct power line to France is to be created to enable export. Wind energy will play an important role in Ireland in the future, against the background that domestic energy will be used.

Business opportunities are available in the following areas, among others:

  • Care & Maintenance
  • Safety & Protection
  • Software & IT
  • Expansion of the energy network
  • Conversion generators
  • Mechanical components
  • Transport
  • Wake management

What to expect

  • 4-day business trip from 21. to 24. October 2019 to Ireland
  • Expert conference on "Wind energy generation onshore and offshore including maintenance" with references and participants from business, science, politics and associations
  • Individually arranged appointments with potential Irish business partners, accompanied by an employee of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, tailored to your business interests and needs.
  • Visits to companies, relevant (research) facilities and production sites on site

Costs and registration for the business trip

The costs incurred by your company are only travel expenses (flight, hotel, transfer), individual meals and a personal contribution (* depending on the size of your company).

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