Our DEInternational service offers a wide range of accounting services that can be tailored to your company's specific needs.


Members of the Chamber of Foreign Trade receive a 25% discount up to a maximum of €1,500.00 per year on DEinternational services.

Our services:

Financial accounting

Our profile:

  • Years of experience in financial accounting in Ireland and Germany
  • Employees with valid knowledge and work experience in small, medium-sized and multinational companies
  • As DEinternational consultancy service, we open up a wide range of opportunities to establish a global business network
  • A reliable partner at competitive conditions

Our services:

  • Continuous contact person for Irish and German financial accounting
  • A wide range of services from integrated accounting to controlling
  • Preparation and submission of annual financial statements


  • Relief for your accounting
  • You receive all tax and accounting services from a single source
  • You save costs - because our services are cheaper than those of other providers

Payroll accounting

We offer a comprehensive payroll accounting service and the submission of income tax returns.

Work carried out in Ireland is usually subject to Irish income tax. For seconded employees from countries with which Ireland has a double taxation treaty, there are exemptions if the employees are in Ireland for less than 183 days. If an employee works in Ireland for more than 60 days and less than 183 days, an exemption from income tax can be claimed within 21 days of starting work. For work of less than 60 days, no exemption from Irish income tax is normally required.

The Irish income tax rates are 20 % and 40 %. Single people up to an annual income of 33800 Euro pay the tax rate of 20%. Income in excess of this is taxed at 40%.

The Universal Social Charge was introduced as part of the financial crisis and is an additional income tax. The rates range from 1% (up to 12,012 euros annual income) to 8% (from 51,376 euros annual income).

For employees resident in Ireland, an annual amount of €3300 is deducted from the tax payable. For single income couples, this amount is increased by a further €1650. Depending on other personal circumstances, there may be further deductions from the tax payable.

Social security

Employer social security contributions are up to 10.75% and employee contributions up to 4% of income. Posting employees should apply for Form A1 before posting, otherwise Irish social security contributions will have to be paid for income earned in Ireland.

Our services include:

  • Advice on income tax Registration for income tax
  • payroll accounting
  • Advice on benefits in kind
  • Information on tax benefits such as: FED - Foreign Earnings Deduction, SARP - Special Assignee Relief Programme, Bike to work etc.
  • Refund of income tax
  • Application for income tax exemption

Corporate tax

The double taxation agreement stipulates from when companies establish a permanent establishment. In the case of construction sites, this is usually the case 12 months after the start of construction.

The Irish standard corporate income tax rate is 12.5%. There is also a 25% tax rate on income from investments, such as rental and interest income. For companies registered in Ireland but not resident for tax purposes, the corporate income tax rate is 25%. This is to prevent "letterbox companies" from paying 12.5% corporation tax.

Our services include:

  • Advice on the double taxation agreement and conditions for a permanent establishment
  • Advice on corporate tax rate, start-up exemption, capital allowances, intellectual property, research and development
  • Company formation and registration for corporate income tax
  • Submission of corporate income tax returns