DEinternational - Market Entry

Professional consulting and support for a successful expansion of your business activities in Ireland and Germany.

DEinternational German Chamber © © Getty Images/Jirsak

The German market is of huge interest to Irish exporters due to their sheer size and the positive relationship between Germany and Ireland. Yet the Irish export experience tells a different story with Irish exporters often finding it difficult to enter these markets successfully.

It is against this backdrop that the DEinternational service department at the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce has launched a service portfolio especially designed to assist Irish companies with their German export strategies and activities. These range for example from individual market consultancy and market studies to marketing communication and recruitment services. Clients will benefit from the competence and the commitment of the bi-national DEinternational team at the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Dublin. In addition, three representatives are operating directly within the German market who can also be integrated where necessary.

It will be of particular interest to small and medium-sized Irish companies that similar services are being offered by DEinternational teams in 140 German Foreign Chambers in 93 countries around the world. Therefore the DEinternational team in Ireland can act as a ‘one-stopshop’ in co-operation with their colleagues abroad. Strategies and activities can be discussed locally in Ireland, while being rolled-out in multiple countries or even globally, with country-specific aspects being taken into account by the respective DEinternational experts in the target markets. If, for example, an Irish company wants to target Germany, France, Italy and Poland, DEinternational is an ideal port of call.