Debt Collection

DEinternational provides a comprehensive international debt collection service

International debt collection service

Outstanding debts and defaulting debtors are a sad reality. In foreign business, it is particularly difficult to counteract refusals to pay. After a reminder and unpleasant correspondence, the claim is all too often written off. We have many years of experience and the necessary diplomatic skills - sometimes also the ability to assert client claims individually and to resolve the matter out of court. With more than 120 partner offices in more than 80 countries, DEinternational Ireland can assist in recovering debts worldwide. As a reputable partner with more than 30 years’ experience, we make sure that debts are recovered as quickly as possible.

Our Offer Includes:

Collection Procedure

We provide a comprehensive service package for German creditors. From a realistic examination of the enforceability of our client’s claim to direct contact with the Irish debtor to the execution of out-of-court debt collection. The price for the execution of an extrajudicial debt collection procedure is based on the value in dispute - in addition to a basic fee.


Depending on the case, we try to work with DEinternational employees or external lawyers to mediate. The aim is to resolve the dispute outside of court proceedings.

Complimentary Services

Our offer also contains complimentary procedures such as drafting contracts and credit reports. 

Advantages of DEinternational:

Save time and money: the service is designed to settle the matter without having to resort to legal proceedings.

• Assistance in maintaining good commercial relationship with the debtor during the debt collection process as a result of our mediation competencies.

• Access to credit reports to evaluate the credit worthiness and liquidity of your clients, partners and debtors

• Access to our unique network of trusted lawyers and specialists if required, and we ensure our clients benefit from a comprehensive legal service

• Attractive fee structure as we are a not-for-profit organisation

• Overcoming language barriers, we deal with debtors in their native language and with our clients in English or German

• Our clients receive the benefit of DEinternational Ireland’s substantial contact network in Germany, Ireland and worldwide