Client references

The DEinternational team has already helped many companies to enter the Irish or German market. Here you can gain some insight into the experiences of our clients who have taken part in our business trips or individual sales drive.

Scaffeye GbR

Testimonial by Jeanette Spanier, scaffolding master and founder of Scaffeye GbR


"Our positive evaluation of your service is based on the comprehensive support offered by you, the timelines of your delivered information and your exceptional commitment to pursuing success on our behalf. We highly value the quick and barrier-free communication and your consultancy and expertise in relation to the Irish market.



We wish to give a particularly positive reference to you in regard to:

  • The simplicity of the four phases of the project 
  • Professional competency on the ground
  • Your performance in relation to the organisation and implementation of the project
  • The competency of your staff in relation to the preparation, translation, project steering
  • Successful organisation of the quality meetings in a timely manner
  • Very sufficient cooperation and arrangements with our company and DEinternational
  • Advanced understanding of the wishes and goals in the Scaffeye project, including a realistic assessment of the market
  • Clear elaboration of the objectives including implementation and presentation of the results
  • Target market specific and excellent preparatory work for the talks with cooperation partners"

Szaidel Cosmetics

DEinternational supported Szaidel Cosemetics in entering the Irish market: 

"We are interested in Irish market because we see a lot of potential in the beauty industry and that the economy is growing a lot. In 2018 we got in touch with the chamber and they sent us a list with potential customers. We sorted out and did a priority list. Then we created a marketing folder together. Then we started to get in touch with the potential customers. We already had three meetings with potential customers in Dublin, which were very successful and interesting".

Conference: Wind Energy Onshore / Offshore including Maintenance

Comments from the participants of the business trip of the BMWi Export Initiative Renewable Energy


"I think companies can profit a lot from conferences like these. It is about networking, it is about to get to know each other and getting to knoe the partners view on things. It is also nice to get a feeling for the other country" (Deike Potzel, German Ambassador to Ireland)




Read the testimonials of the German participants:


"The main focus of the business trip was to evaluate the possibility of entering the Irish market as one of the largest German companies for renewable energies. During the many meetings with potential Irish partners, valuable information was exchanged and assessments of the wind energy situation in Ireland were collected.[...]

My expectations of the AHK Ireland were fulfilled to my complete satisfaction and I will gladly return to their services".



"[We would like to] emphasize the following points, which for us played a very important role in the success of the business trip: 

1. the successful planning of our meetings enabled us to make the best use of our time during the business trip to get in touch with potential partners and customers in Ireland. 

2. although our business trips took us to Enniskillen and Athlone, among others, the one to the AHK Dublin was very well prepared and enabled us to arrive and leave without complications. 

3. the meetings of the company UTW were very well prepared and all of them contributed positively to a better assessment of the Irish market. Our business partners were very interested and competent and, just like us, had expectations. We are looking forward to further develop and deepen these contacts".


GICON Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH

"The advice and support provided to our company GICON by you and your team has shown us additional opportunities to expand our involvement in the Irish market.  
The main focus of the business trip was to present our offshore wind portfolio to potential Irish partners and customers. The quality of the business relationship and how promising it could be in Ireland was of particular importance. [...]

Our expectations of the AHK Ireland were fulfilled to our complete satisfaction and we will gladly return to their services".